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Love Yourself

We each hold infinite potential inside of us, but sometimes we are so busy giving to others that we forget to look inside ourselves. We forget to give ourselves time, appreciate ourselves, enjoy and accept ourselves. We forget to LOVE ourselves. And, my friends, love is the most abundant energy that we have out there. The more love we give, the more love is … Read More Love Yourself


Busy ISN’T Sexy

How many of you are guilty of always replying “I’m so busy!” when someone asks how you’re doing? “I am!“ It became a completely normal response for me, but the way that I said it was a kind mash up of glorified stress that made me feel kind of important on the outside but the on the inside I was crumbling. The word had … Read More Busy ISN’T Sexy

My Story: Self-sabotage Alter Ego

I think this could be the first time where I’ve pulled together some significant moments that have shaped me, and created my self sabotage alter ego, into one place. Wow. That’s kind of a scary thought! Yet somehow so empowering that I am now able to sit here, remember, feel whatever emotion might arise, reflect, smile, write it for others to read and move … Read More My Story: Self-sabotage Alter Ego