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Performer & Perfectionist: Is this you?

Ask yourself the question “is living in performance mode really living?” Did you answer “yes”? Then maybe have read below on my experience with a performance driven being, and see if your mind can be swayed. For many years I was chasing everything. I mean EVERYTHING. I wanted the career, the body, the relationship, the friendships, the knowledge, the house and the bank account. … Read More Performer & Perfectionist: Is this you?

The List Maker

Being a compulsive list writer has been both a blessing and a curse. I would be lying if I said that I don’t LOVE a good list. It makes me feel on track and secure that I won’t forget anything. It also gives me that little dopamine boost when I manage to tick something off my list, because that’s how I’ve been conditioned. If … Read More The List Maker