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Performer & Perfectionist: Is this you?

Ask yourself the question “is living in performance mode really living?” Did you answer “yes”? Then maybe have read below on my experience with a performance driven being, and see if your mind can be swayed. For many years I was chasing everything. I mean EVERYTHING. I wanted the career, the body, the relationship, the friendships, the knowledge, the house and the bank account. … Read More Performer & Perfectionist: Is this you?


Environmental Influence: Healing

Mountains, beach, forest, desert, lakes, plains. Wherever it is, we always find our way back to nature at some point. It’s where we come from. Which is why it can bring a feeling of immense wholeness when we find those moments to connect with it (or her).  However, today we are so often caught up in our every day commitments, that we forget to … Read More Environmental Influence: Healing


Creating a soulFULL life

To me, the idea of feeling soulful can literally be broken down to having a full soul. So to keep things simple, creating a soulFULL life means that we need to implement actions that fill our soul up. Rocket science, right? The challenge here is that many of us out there don’t actually know how to fill our soul up. We’ve spent so many … Read More Creating a soulFULL life


Happiness vs blame: build your inner resilience

“HAPPY PEOPLE BUILD THEIR INNER WORLD: UNHAPPY PEOPLE BLAME THEIR OUTER WORLD” Dalai Lama Think about that for a minute. I can remember countless times where I have blamed others for causing an outcome that I didn’t desire. I focused my attention on their actions that lead up to my undesired outcome and felt that frustration sit on my chest. Sometimes for days. I … Read More Happiness vs blame: build your inner resilience


Limiting Beliefs: Explained

When we were children, we were living as our purest form of love, expression and freedom. We lived with innocence. Yet, as we grew, we were taught the rules of society, culture and religion. We were groomed to become a part of the society, and our “natural talents” began to define who we were and who we weren’t. We were boxed. Caged. Barriers were … Read More Limiting Beliefs: Explained

Miracle Mornings

Or should we say, MAGICAL mornings! They are based on the notion that how you start your day is critical for how your day will play out. You know the saying “they got out of the wrong side of bed this morning”? It didn’t become a saying from nothing! If you start your day in a positive way, then you are setting yourself up … Read More Miracle Mornings