Unwrap your core desired feelings

In September I found myself making a real investment in my personal growth. I’m talking about an investment that sits outside all the books, podcasts, YouTube and whatever other knowledge absorption method I was using, and replacing it with an investment of time, money and commitment to others and myself to be present. I invested in an experience that has aligned me in the most intuitive, self-driven and wonderful way.

Earlier this year I stumbled across Daniella Laporte, the founder of The Desire Map. I was so curious about this and immediately followed her on Instagram. Then, as the Universe would have it, I was checking back on the website of a particular coach that had really resonated with me during a previous workshop with the company I work for, and right there on her page was the opportunity to participate in The Desire Map workshop in Vienna.

What a dream.

I immediately talked with my boyfriend (also seeing an opportunity to visit Vienna) and it was booked. I was going. It felt amazing and I was so excited to participate, despite the uncertainty (self-sabotaging alter ego anyone?) of how the whole thing would play out.

Let’s fast forward to the first day of the workshop. I met 6 other inspiring women, all with their own incredible stories and their own expectations on what they wanted to get out of it. We were so different, but had such a strong connection and commonality that I wish we had more time together!

We were all there to unwrap our core desires.

And for that to happen, we needed to be open, vulnerable, willing, open and accepting of EVERYTHING that would reveal itself to us during the two-day workshop.  I consider myself a fairly private person. I favour fewer, deeper connections; the ones where you can really connect on a soul level. Small talk is absolutely not my jam. So, meeting these women and opening & sharing my heart with them in the space of a few hours was something that I thought would be extremely difficult. But let me tell you, it was not. When you find yourself in such a safe environment, your ego relaxes to allow your soul to come forward.

So, how did we unwrap our core desires?

With 12 hours of deep soul work. Working through The Desire Map workbook. Starting by answering quick-fire questions that come from our intuition. Then choosing feelings from cards that emulate the way we want to feel. Going back to those cards and really checking that they resonate with us. Identifying how we want to feel in five pillars of our life and how we want to feel in them:

  • Livelihood & Lifestyle
  • Body & Wellness
  • Creativity & Learning
  • Relationships & Society
  • Essence & Spirituality

Then considering what actions we need to take in order to feel the way we want to feel in them.

I left the workshop feeling inspired and ready to take on a new approach to my life. To live by feeling. I came away with six core desired feelings; freedom, authentic, creative, abundance, significant and soulful. If something doesn’t align with one of these feelings, then it’s not serving me and I should say “no” and make space for something that does.

If you’re looking for some guidance on how to find your own core desired feelings, I highly encourage you find a workshop that you can attend. Or, if that’s not possible for you, then check out Danielle Laporte’s website https://www.thedesiremap.com/ where you can find all sorts of material. Identify one of the five topics that you want to feel more from, and start asking yourself in the language of FEELINGS how you connect with it today, and how you actually want to connect with it, and what you can do in order to get yourself there. The biggest flag to watch out for is that you’re doing this work from your intuition and not through thinking it through.

When you’ve identified your core desired feelings, your journey becomes so clear. We can live a life that’s serving our needs, which fills us up and fuels us to serve others in return. We can make decisions every day that are aligned with our intuition and soul. We no longer need to do certain activities or things because we feel a pressure to from social norms or opinions of others.

We can simply ask ourselves:

“How will that make me feel?”

And if it doesn’t resonate, then we make space for something that does.

Jenni x

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