Understanding the Divine masculine & feminine: Are you in balance?

“Just as every creation maintains a sense of alignment through relationships of interdependence, in every human being there are both masculine and feminine energies to be balanced. While we may be depicted as a character of a specific gender, the masculine and feminine energies represent two sides of the whole human experience”

Matt Kahn
Everything is here to help you

I think the hardest part of understanding the masculine and feminine energies is disconnecting them from the male and female gender. It does feel that a lot of masculine energy qualities are the same as those stereotyped in a man, and the same goes for the Divine feminine and a woman. Many years of social pressures and identification for genders seems to have shaped this reality.

But, now is time for us to open our hearts and to allow, accept and welcome the balance of both of these energetic forces within us. We don’t need to go soul-deep for this. Take these words as a simple guideline and as a way to understand yourself on a deeper level, regardless of your beliefs or connection to spirituality.

First, to find a balance we need to have an understanding on what each energy brings and how they can find harmony to lift each other from love, instead of create toxic energy from fear.

Divine Masculine

Our Divine masculine has received a bit of a low reputation over the centuries. An out of balance history has seen meant that his great qualities from love have been overrun by his poorer qualities from fear. We can see this in the Crusades, the Witch Hunts, and even in more modern times when the Divine feminine has been suppressed in our working environments.

When in harmony, the masculine energy embodies determination, drive, goals and results. It takes charge of situations and acts as a protector and provider, and ultimately a source of love.  If this takes him down a spiritual path it becomes a knowledge seeker.

However, when in imbalance with the feminine, the masculine can turn to energies that come from fear. It might bring feelings and actions of anger, control and conquer, aggression. With the lack of feminine energy, it is more difficult for the masculine to process and understand situations. It remains guarded, builds walls and is not open to receive.

Divine Feminine

Our Divine feminine is much more in the spotlight in today’s world as she continues to spread her message and openness to bring equality to our human experience. She is not a group of women practicing rituals in the woods on a full moon; that’s only a small expression of her. She has so much more to offer us.

When in harmony with the masculine, the feminine embodies openness, creativity, expansion and the role of the nurturer. This generates an abundance of ideas and inspiration. You can think of someone like a day dreamer who has all of the ideas but lacks the means to put them into action.  This is where the masculine brings balance to focus the creativity of the feminine and keep it grounded.

When out of balance, the feminine can easily succumb to victim-hood, jealousy and lack of worth. It seeks validation from others and as a result of that can end up giving away too much of itself without fulfilling its own needs as a priority.

Finding the balance

The feminine softens the masculine so that it is open to receive and process wisdom with an open heart. The masculine keeps the feminine focused and grounded so that it can safely expand in the security of the masculine provider.  When this can happen, we are able to truly accept ourselves for who we are and find our own sense of being, which when connected with another who is also in the same state, will bring electrifying light to your life.

Furthermore, once you have reached this state of being and have an awareness of each energy, you can begin to play with them. Depending on your situation, practice dialing each energy up or down a little bit in order to benefit your desire, always returning to balance immediately afterwards. After each play, reflect on what you did, how you felt and the outcome. Reflection is a great tool to strengthen your beliefs and build strength for your core.

How do you find balance?


Awareness is the beginning of everything, and it’s no difference for the Divine masculine & feminine energies. You need to start with an awareness of the existence of them.


What is the difference between the masculine & feminine? Do you really understand the attributes for each and what it means when they are in balance or out of balance?


Take some time to consider how each energy sits within yourself. Write it all down. Is there something that you feel is out of balance? Or maybe you feel completely in balance and want to go further? Think about specific situations that you’ve been in recently and which energy was more prominent.


Do you find yourself out of balance? Now you have the self-awareness it’s time to make some actionable application to your life! Perhaps you need to build in some more self-care to awaken the feminine?  Or create acts of the provider to empower the masculine?


Block some time every week, two weeks, month, whatever works for you, to reflect on significant situations that have gone and which energy was stronger in those moments. Consider step four and if you were able to consciously apply your actions to your life. Reflection will also build your understanding of self so that you can drive yourself in the direction you want to go.


Whether you meditate or not, the power of breath is undeniable. When you take a moment for conscious breathing, you’re creating a moment in time to allow yourself to understand and deepen your knowledge of your thoughts and energy. This moment offers cross-roads where you can decide how you want to act once the moment is over. It can be as simple as breathing in deeply through your nose and out gently through your mouth for 30 seconds.

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