The 2020's: setting my goals

Over the last few years I really haven’t been one for setting new years resolutions or anything like this. I’ve always thought that if you want to make a change in your life, then there’s no time like the present! Furthermore, I always felt the pressures that resolutions come with were driven from a place of fear; that if you’re unable to fulfill them then you’re automatically labelled as a failure.

To change the game for me, I’ve decided that instead of new years resolutions, I’m going to consider identifying my goals instead. This gives me freedom to change my choices at any time, as I am aware that the person that I was yesterday is not the same as today, and because of that, my ambitions will inevitably change.

And what’s the point in trying to keep goals that you’ve outgrown?

This year, I’ve taken some time to have a real think about what my goals might be in the next decade, and especially considered the feelings that I want to feel on my journey (thank you Desire Map)! By considering my core desired feelings, it gives me flexibility to change my journey. The beauty here is that my core desired feelings will also change along the way, so I can only be heading in the right direction!

I’m so grateful that I can share with you where I want to be, and as I talked about in a previous blog post, making your dream public holds more accountability to drive actions!

Here it goes…

Learn German: I have been living in Germany for almost 4 years now, and it’s about time that I get this language under control. I have a reasonable understanding, but I’m completely shy when it comes to my speaking. By learning German, I want to feel freedom in building my life here and not be held back not understanding important letters or documents. On the way I aim to feel creative as I absorb more knowledge and play with the language.

Embrace body love: Turning 30 was an incredible shift for me in my self-body image and worthiness. However, I still have some hard work to do in the area of completely embracing my body and accepting her. I want to go easier on her and on myself for the decisions I make when it comes to food and self-care practice. I want to feel freedom and grounded.

Become self-employed: This is a big one and the wheels are already in motion for this, but it’s that big that it needs to go on the list for my 2020’s. Being self employed to me means feeling authentic, abundance, significance, soulful, creative and freedom. All 6 of my core desired feelings are there because my PASSION is really there.  The last six months have seen me spending all day daydreaming ideas and putting some into action on how I want to achieve this. I know a few things for certain. I want to own a café with a workspace and serve delicious and nutritious meals, offering a calming and serene place for the community to eat, relax and catch up. In this café I will have a workspace where I will teach yoga, host Desire Map workshops as well as host other workshops like soy candle making and aromatherapy. In addition, I will also be a mindset coach that focuses on guiding clients to step into their power.

Do more painting: I painted a lot during my school years and it kind of fizzled out. So, a commitment I’m going to make to myself is to pick up the paint brush and get creative again! It doesn’t matter how good the result is as long as I’m enjoying my time along the way.

Create space for the good things: Overall, I’ve been neglecting all of the good things until recently, and so I want to continue to create more space for them in my life. Things like having FUN! Saying yes to adventures, taking things a bit easier than I have been. Once a year I want to swim in the ocean, spend time in the mountains, walk in the forest. I need to create the space for these more than ever as I embark deeper on my journey of self-exploration and self-employed life.

So there you have it! Those are my 5 goals for the 2020’s.

I’m committed, I’m ready, I’m prepared.

I’m also open, flexible and following from my heart.

I hope you’ll keep up with my journey here on the blog or via instagram. Drop me a DM if you want to connect!

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