Spiritual responsibility

This could be an unpopular opinion.

But one that I feel obliged to share

The blame game culture seems to be plaguing the spiritual world.

Spirituality very slowly seeped into my life over the last two years. It started with intrigue and curiosity, and then became an integral part of my evolution.  During that time, I have arrived at the understanding that we are souls who are having a human experience. Our souls made a choice to arrive here in these bodies at this specific moment for their own special purpose.

In other words, our souls chose our egos.

However, often those of us who have taken this spiritual path forget that we are still human, and with that comes human qualities. We cannot ignore the ego, but must instead find a way to live in harmony with it. We should not, however, use the soul as a scapegoat for the ego.  The spiritual world is being misused, and therefore making it very difficult for individuals to express their feelings or express how things have made them feel on a HUMAN level, because there is a pressure or expectation that we should already be living on a soul level. And the reality is that we are not. There are many of us still on our journey who face daily challenges in a very human way.  We’re still trying to understand and learn and expand.

Most of us agree that life is created by actions and reactions. Where I feel this has gone astray is where the purity of spirituality is being abused for egos to get away with poor behaviours that have negative impacts on the lives of others. When individuals claim to be on a spiritual path but are not conscious of the energy that they are emitting we can land ourselves in ugly situations. Whether it’s in the form of a poorly expressed message without considering how the message could be wrongly interpreted, and then blaming the receiver for a reaction from fear. Or simple selfish acts that are not considering the other person involved.

If we remember that we are having a human experience, we must consider the part of us that are human. Being human comes with a package deal of human emotions, needs and responsibility.  For example, having healthy relationships has been proven to be vital for our health. We need to make sure that we are nourishing them, feeding them and giving them love and the best parts of us in order to fulfill our human needs.  Fairly simple. When it comes to responsibility to others, we need an understanding that the relationship is formed from two beings, and therefore we must take some responsibility for our own actions and the implications that they have on the other half.  If someone lets us down, how should we handle it? Should we say “hey, you broke this promise or your actions hurt me in this way because they didn’t make me feel good”? Then we risk a reply blaming us that we should learn to control our reactions, instead of a consideration and acceptance of responsibility for their own behaviours.

We are all here, doing our absolute best to live a fulfilling life. We have so many things going on in our worlds. We each have our own traumas that we are trying to heal. Our own daily struggles.  Not everyone has chosen a spiritual path and not everybody needs to follow the same path as us.  Everybody needs to do what feels right for them and do it in the best possible and most loving way.  We need to find acceptance for all no matter what stage or way that they want to live their life.

We simply cannot accept making excuses for our poor behaviours.  Our poor HUMAN behaviours just because we claim to be spiritual. We cannot accept that we make promises that we break to other people that hurts their ego and soul. But we can accept that we have a way to move forward.

We do have a way out!

And it’s simple.

Everything must come from a place of love.

Souls are not selfish. They are pure love. They are from Source. They are all connected and so it is that we are all connected.

We need to have more awareness and consideration for those around us. Be a little bit more conscious on how we go about our day and the impact of our actions, how we play in relationships, what we cherish, who vibes with us.

Let’s stop the spiritual blame game culture.

Let’s start the leading with love.

Audio blog read by Jenni Anne

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