Make your dream public

Easy in theory, incredibly hard in practice.

I’m a dreamer. An idea generator. Not everything is good or would successful, but I still have this creativity that flows through me every day. I’m easily inspired and trying to solve problems. It’s my entrepreneurial spirit. At least, that’s what I call it. It’s why I’m here, to service the world in my own unique way. As you might know, this blog is built on three foundations: nourishment, mindset and experience. And it’s these foundations that I believe can help us to break our limiting beliefs and live our lives to their fullest potential. These words are floating around in an abundance places these days, but they are absolutely achievable actions.

For many years however, I kept a lot of my dreams a secret. Or at least, I only spoke of them in casual conversation with friends usually starting the sentence like “do you know what would be a great idea?” followed by a fairly wild explanation of how we could change the world of make a difference. It was only this year, when I started my Instagram account and this blog that I really started to open up and OWN my dreams.

By making them public, I feel more responsibility towards them. I’m accountable. They have become a decision, rather than a preference. They require daily inspired action, energy, effort and constant work. It makes them real.

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When taking the time to reflect on why it took me so long, I can think of a number of different limiting beliefs that I could not break.


I was afraid of not being able to fulfil my dream, because I’ve always been a big dreamer. Even today, when I share with close friends my dreams, there are very few individuals that are expressing real excitement and support. They are also living with a limiting belief that is being projected onto me. They are fearful for me that I might fail.


We are always taught that we need to be absolutely crystal clear on what we want, and this need to be clear on exactly what I was doing became a blocker for me. I’ve been working on making my dream happen for the last few months, and every day it still changes and tweaks a little. I’m finding my way. I’m learning. And it’s okay for me to take each day as it comes and slowly the clarity will reveal itself to me as I chip away at the things that are not important.


Many of us have this stigma about changing our minds. As if once we have decided on one idea, we have to continue with it until the end. This is absolutely untrue! Change is inevitable and it’s a huge part of the journey. We are constantly evolving creatures, and with that, we will experience change. Or as we learn, we find a need to change as we find better alternatives or directions.

If you have a dream, and this post has inspired you to make it public, I’m going to share one last tip with you. Find yourself someone who will keep you accountable for making it happen. This should be a person who supports you without question, understands you deeply and has the courage to have the hard words with you when it’s needed.

Are you feeling brave?

Make your dream public, today.

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