Limiting beliefs explained

When we were children, we were living as our purest form of love, expression and freedom. We lived with innocence. Yet, as we grew, we were taught the rules of society, culture and religion. We were groomed to become a part of the society, and our “natural talents” began to define who we were and who we weren’t. We were boxed. Caged. Barriers were placed around us, warning us not to move into territories that were not meant for us.

Do you remember being told that you weren’t good at something, even if it made you light up when you did it?

If you decided at that moment to stop doing that thing, whether it be dancing, singing, painting or whatever it is, then what happened in that moment was that you made an agreement with yourself that it is out of bounds for you. You created a barrier, fueled by judgements and opinions of others despite the joy it brought for you.

In parallel to these barriers, we were also being taught the rules of society and what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. What is appropriate to say in a specific situation, and what would be seen as an embarrassment. That everything we do has a right or wrong outcome, and that by behaving in-line with societies rules you will avoid judgement and punishment.

These judgements are the catalyst for new barriers that we created. Barriers that tell us that we’re not good enough, not worthy and don’t have anything of value to offer. At some point they too become more than just barriers; they become agreements. An agreement that we’ve made with ourselves on who we are going to be and the role that we are going to play in society.

These agreements are also known as limiting beliefs.

So, when someone asks you the question “What’s stopping you?”, the answer is most likely an agreement that you’ve made with yourself that has placed you in a cage and put barriers around you to stop you from achieving your goals and dreams.

Now for the best part of this post…

The agreements that you’ve made with yourself are not written in stone. They can change. And YOU are the one to change them. If you have the will to move out of the prison that life has built around you, then you’re going to be able to live your life to its fullest. Replace your limiting beliefs with REAL beliefs.

If you still don’t believe me, then I highly recommend one of the books that changed my life. It’s called “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz.

He brings simplicity to life, and through that simplicity, I have started to find my own path. Am I perfect? Absolutely not. However, I have the will to break my own limiting beliefs. This blog is proof of that. I have never thought of myself to be a great writer, but here I am! Writing and expressing myself, being available for the whole world to read.

This week I encourage you to ask yourself “What’s stopping me?”. Make a note of your answers, and work through them one by one to understand the root cause, and how you can make just ONE step towards eliminating any limiting beliefs.

Remember, you are limitless.

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