Enoughness: being enough.

You are enough.

It’s that simple. I guess that marks the end of this blog post then, now that we’re in agreement?

Okay, okay.  I realise that it’s not always that simple.  The feeling of being enough can be hard to come by for many of us.  It’s the same as not feeling worthy or deserving of all the good things that come our way!

Enoughness is a mindset.  It takes time to pull yourself out of fear and into that space of simply BEING.  So, if you’re not quite there yet, then don’t pressure yourself to be.  Just know that you’ll get there (because you already are – it’s only your mind holding you back!).

When we are being, we are living.  Can you remember a time where you’ve felt completely at peace in your own skin? I have this feeling when I’m in the mountains.  Usually I’m sitting in silence with a cup of coffee in the morning, watching in awe at the incredible nature surrounding me.  I feel completely at one with myself.  Grounded. I can appreciate my uniqueness, my quirks, my ways of thinking, my body.  I feel enough.  Perhaps because I realise how insignificant I am against the vastness of nature?  How fragile and short our lives are that we really need to focus more on living in the present.  Living fearlessly, that is.

I know, it’s a little bit poetic, romantic, dramatic.  But that’s how I am, and that’s enough for me!

Say the following out loud:

I am enough, exactly as I am. 

My body is enough; it carries me through each day, taking me the places, I want to go.  It allows me to experience all of the senses in the world around me.

My mind is enough; it keeps me safe; it makes my decisions; it contains all of the knowledge and memories that make up every part who I am.  My mind is unique, as are my thoughts, opinions, morals and standards.

My soul is enough; it keeps me grounded and connected to the magic that goes far beyond my time here on earth.  It is the energy that keeps my body moving and my mind alight.

I am enough, exactly as I am.

Did you feel that?

While you said those words aloud?

Did you almost believe it, at least for a second?

I hope so!

So where do we go from here?

Focus on your wealth, not your lack.

Wealth does not need to be monetary.  Wealth can be relationships, health, job, pets, skills.  Anything that brings richness to your life!

Focus on yourself, not others.

Comparisonitis is plaguing our minds, and social media plays a big role in that.  Social media is a wonderful thing; just take everything with a pinch of salt and remember that all of us out there are showing you what we want you to see, which is often through a slightly skewed lens of reality.

Focus on your journey, not your goals.

The journey must be as vibrant, exciting, rewarding as the goal, or is it all really worth it?  Make every step count.  Every failure, every win, every hurdle. It’s all a part of the journey, and remember, we aren’t living in a romantic comedy!  This is REAL life. 

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