Do you know your menstrual cycle?

Do you know your menstrual cycle?

I mean, really know it.

Are you listening to your body throughout the full month and understanding what she’s telling you that she needs?

It was only this year that I uncovered the true power of understanding your own cycle, and how having this understanding can make your life so much lighter!  By knowing what phase, or season of my cycle I’m able to make better decisions for myself which allows me to be kinder to myself, as well as practicing crystal clear communication with my partner gives him more clarity on where my body is at.

Women are powerful; we store a lot of emotion and feminine energy within our bodies; especially in our wombs. Our wombs have the ability to regenerate each month unless they are gifted with life. Eventually they will no longer regenerate, but still be a host for our creative energy,

To be a woman is to be powerful.

Our cycles are not dirty or embarrassing, nor should they be seen as something that puts a hurdle in our day. We have been conditioned to live in fear during this time of our moon. A fear from leaking, being labelled as acting “crazy” due to PMS, not having the energy to socialise, to refrain from intimacy.

Today, we make a change.

We will learn to embrace our sacred feminine energy and work with her. To understand the four seasons of our cycle and give each of them the attention required to live in love. Honouring ourselves and the Ancient wisdom from women thousands of years before us.

“When we mend our relationship with our cycles, we mend our relationship with ourselves and pave a healthier inner voice for our daughters and our sons about what it means to be a woman who bleeds.”

Rising Woman

Before we go into detail, make a strong mental note that every woman experiences their cycle with unique differences. You cannot compare yourself to anyone else. You must learn yourself.


Week 1: during bleeding

This is the time to get cosy with yourself and go inward. Your energy might be lower than usual both mentally and physically. Listen to what your body is asking you, and if that means cancelling plans and avoiding high intensity exercise then do exactly that.

Pay attention to your mood and reactions, it’s possible that you’re more sensitive right now and that’s okay! Tell your close friends and partner what’s going on and they will understand. Prepare your home for anything that makes you feel good during this time like candles, make a playlist, a list of movies that you want to watch or a book you want to read. Prepare to make this time as easy and comfortable as possible.

The winter represents closing a chapter as your womb releases and unfertilized egg. Just as the leaves are fallen from the trees, you must respect this part of the process to allow your body to regenerate for the next cycle.

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– Use a mooncup during your cycle. It gives you much more flexibility during your day and uses less waste than regular sanitary products.

– If you’re practice yoga, avoid inversions!

– Your pain threshold decreases during your period, so if you wax or sugar then it’s best to plan it before.

– Take magnesium to help with cramps.


Week 2: pre-ovulation

Spring brings new life, and with it comes fresh new energy. Often this energy arrives in the form of creativity and drive, taking on new projects as we emerge from our cozy winter spaces. We’re more playful and inspired.

However, it’s a time to re-focus for the rest of the month and get ourselves organized.

Biologically, estrogen is rising again, which can make our skin glow as skin cells are stimulated to produce more collagen, elastin and hylauric acid. We often feel at our best during this period as bloating also decreases


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– Use this time to focus on education, learning and self-exploration.

– It’s still completely normal to feel very internal & use this time to re-align with yourself.

– Continue to listen to your body!


Week 3: ovulation

Summer arrives and so do you, as your full embodied expressive self.

Now is the time where you may feel most social, say yes to adventures, feel most connected to people. You are fully embracing your power and it shows through the confidence that you lead your day with.

It’s a perfect time to be of service to others in your unique way. Holding space for friends and family, or simply nurturing relationships that matter.

You’re out in the world and nothing can stop you!

It’s also the tine where you’ll feel the most turned on, as naturally, this is the period where you have an egg waiting to be fertilised. You might express this through playfulness or sensuality with your partner or lovers.


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– Start setting your spring plans into action.

Take on new opportunities and social events.

Practice safe sex if you’re not planning a family.

– Be playful with your partner or lovers and try new things.


Week 4: fertilization or non-fertilization

Autumn is the time that decides if the lining of the womb should be prepared to be shed in the case of non-fertilization, or whether it should remain in case of fertilization of the egg.

In the cases of non-fertilization, we need to pay extra attention to the needs of our body as we prepare to bleed. We can become irritated easily and suffer from PMS during this period. Therefore, practicing self-care and communicating to those around us where we are in our cycle are two simple ways to make the time easier.

Our hormones are dipping and often our skin shows less of a glow. The summer confidence takes a back seat as we start to turn more inward again.

However, for many women this is still a time of inspiration and creativity, especially if we listen to our bodies needs. Use your remaining energy to focus on preparing for winter and working with this inspiration as ideas flow through you.


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– Prepare for winter.

– Start to reduce your social commitments.

– Listen to your body.

– Communicate to your close friends and partner.

I encourage all women out there to start to pay attention to their cycles! To practice crystal clear communication with themselves and the those close to you.

I encourage all men; husbands, boyfriends, sons, friends to pay attention to the women in their lives and what they might need throughout their cycles.

Remember your power.

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