Creating a soulfull life

To me, the idea of feeling soulful can literally be broken down to having a full soul. So to keep things simple, creating a soulFULL life means that we need to implement actions that fill our soul up. Rocket science, right?

The challenge here is that many of us out there don’t actually know how to fill our soul up. We’ve spent so many years being conditioned and molded into boxes that society accepts, which have strengthened limiting beliefs and false self-agreements on how we should be living, that we’ve forgotten how to live from soul.

So, we need to remember what our soul needs.

A beautiful way of explaining how we remember was shared with me by Gia Helena during The Desire Map workshop I wrote about last week. She said something along the lines of, when we start to remember, we are re-membering the parts of us that were no longer in place. Like we are coming back together as whole. Beautiful, isn’t it?

I know that the talk of soul isn’t for everyone, and neither is meditation, yoga, ayurveda, crystals, astrology, moon cycles. I’m also not trying to push it on you, nor do I believe that you have to practice or believe in any of those things in order to live a soulful life. So instead, for the purpose of this post, I ask you to find your own word for what you want to call that inner part of you that drives your energy levels and mood. Maybe it’s something as simple as my cup, or my engine.

“You cannot find your soul with your mind, you must use your heart”

Gary Zukav

Here is my guideline on how to start to remember soul and then create a soulful life:


Set yourself up in an environment where you can concentrate. You want to have as few distractions as possible. Put your phone on aeroplane mode, prepare a tea, clean the space. Whatever it is that you need to do, do it. Personally, I like to go to a café near by and order a coffee. I feel most creative when I’m there as I watch the people go by from my corner. The background noise is somehow comforting and helps me to concentrate.


Patience is a virtue, or so they say. But here, you really need to find a little patience as the answers won’t always jump out at you. I would say that parts of me are still in this remembering process, even 12 months later!

How I began was through reading two books and then journaling. The first book I read was The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. This helped me to re-wire the way that I approached life and situations and see the world through a different lens. It helped my ego, or personality, to understand and put reasoning behind things that otherwise I would have let my thoughts run away with. Often to a self-destructive place.  It also pushed me to journal about the agreements that I had with myself that were untrue.  By writing down my thoughts and giving myself space to work through them, I was able to replace many of these agreements with positive ones of truth. A small example is an agreement that I’d made with myself a long time ago to only wear black. I did not permit colour in my wardrobe. The reason? It didn’t fit in with the “look” I was trying to give. But that was in detriment to my soul and self. It limited me, and did not always show the authentic side of me. In fact, when I stopped wearing only black, I started to feel free. I liked more what I saw in the mirror, and so did everyone else. I received so many compliments in the last year, not just on my outfits, but that my whole presence is so much brighter. I can only conclude that it’s because I put in the work to remember, then gave myself permission to wear what felt good and it filled up a little part of my soul.

The second book I read was Mastering your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini. And while this is more targeted at women, I cannot recommend this book more to anybody who has or frequently goes through feelings of anxiety. This book will help you to calm that negative chatter in your head. You know, the one that tells you you’re not good enough, not worthy, not deserving, and instead open up the endless possibilities to do the things that light you up. Again, journaling on this one helps to really work through the messages. For example, writing down the negative chatter, which is the anxiety, and then counteracting it with a truth. You will finish the book feeling more empowered than ever before, giving yourself permission to do anything that your soul is asking for.

If you don’t feel like reading two books, then my alternative suggestion would be to start writing yourself some lists. You can start with simple things like: favourite music (or make a playlist!), favourite movies, write out a perfect Sunday, things you loved to do as a child or teen, things you stopped doing that you wish you’d continued, things you’d do if you had more time, things you’d do if you had more money, occasions where you’ve felt completely in bliss. Really take your time to create these lists and ask yourselves the hard questions on how each activity or topic makes you feel, and answer them from a place of love.


If you can start to identify the things in your life that make you feel (or would make you feel) great, then you have a guiding star. You can start to create those things in your life. The only thing you need to do now (which is perhaps the hardest) is give yourself permission to do them.

 Say yes to them.

Stop making excuses.

Take responsibility.

Be the creator of your own life.

When your soul is full. When you’re recharged with energy, both mentally and physically. When you’ve gifted yourself the investment of doing those things that make you feel that way. Then you’re creating a soulFULL life.

And if you’re living a soulFULL life, then you’re in the most wonderful position to be able to serve those around you in your own unique way. Life is made from exchanges of energy, and we are responsible for the energy that we hold. We can create it ourselves by doing soulFILLING acts, but once we are full, we can give and receive it in return.

If we aren’t soulFULL, we can’t live to our highest potential.

Do something today to fill up your soul.

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