Blue skies

Blue skies. They are undeniably beautiful. Giving us a glimmer of hope that sunshine is on its way and the weather will serve us the best it has for the day.

At work, we talk about blue skies on a daily basis. I can’t even tell you the number of times that I’ve been in a meeting where I’ve been asked for my “blue sky scenario”. That scenario that holds no boundaries, has no hurdles and gives us the absolute dream outcome. Usually, the only thing that is stopping the fruition of my blue skies are barriers that others are putting in the way due to lack of confidence, cooperation, willingness to try, resentment of extra workload and all the rest of it. Of course, sometimes things are challenging logistically, but the barriers mainly come from others.

Okay, so now that work is out the way. Let’s talk about how we can create blue skies in our own lives! Creating a blue sky for yourself is allowing yourself to create your dream life. It’s an opportunity to think bigger and manifest whatever it is that you want. Almost like turning our day dreams into a tangible strategy that will pave the way forward to reaching a specific goal.

My 2019 blue sky finale:

In 2019, focusing on this blog and my Instagram account has been where my energy is going. I want to ramp that up and give myself a solid platform to guarantee that I’m heading into 2020 as my best self, with my best plan, doing my best work. Here is where I want to finish:

  • 2000 organic followers on Instagram
  • 100 email sign ups on this blog
  • YouTube & Podcast editorial plan ready to start in 2020
  • YouTube & Podcast “how to” learned
  • Free e-book on nourishMEnt released & downloaded
  • A fully completed business strategy read to support me in 2020
  • Feeling my strongest physically that I ever have
  • Found my comfortable writing style (still learning here!)
  • To hear back from all of you that what I’m putting out is having an impact on yours or someone you knows life

That might sound like a lot…and I suppose you’re right! But, as I’m at the beginning of my hustle, I’ve got to do exactly that…HUSTLE! However, I can envision and feel how good it’s going to be on December 31st when I can look back on this blue sky and smile at everything that I’ve achieved.

So, what’s your blue sky for 2019? What do you want to achieve? Where do you see yourself? What are you progressing towards? I’d love to hear!

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