I believe we all have unlimited potential to create a happy, healthy & wealthy life that we can lead on our own terms.

We just need to keep ourselves in check.

By focusing on mindset, experience & nourishment I hope to inspire you to break through your limiting beliefs and crumble away the mask that’s been keeping you from stepping into your power.

I’m also a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator and plan to host workshops throughout 2020 to share this incredible work with all of you. To stay up to date, have a look on The Desire Map tab for more details.

Outside of my day job, I spend my time learning about this kind of stuff so I can blog about it and share my thoughts with you. Spirituality & psychology are two big interests of mine and I absolutely love seeing them overlap in the resources that I encounter. If I’m not doing that, I’m practicing yoga so I can become a yoga teacher trainer in 2020 or spending quality time with my boyfriend & friends.

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