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My top 10 from the 2010s

Can you believe it? 8 more days of this DECADE! This is a time to sit down, get grounded, reflect, decide what to take with you to the next decade, release what no longer serves you, celebrate your achievements, be proud of yourself, and really just take the time to close the chapter so you can flow into 2020 in the most delicious way. … Read More My top 10 from the 2010s


Environmental Influence: Healing

Mountains, beach, forest, desert, lakes, plains. Wherever it is, we always find our way back to nature at some point. It’s where we come from. Which is why it can bring a feeling of immense wholeness when we find those moments to connect with it (or her).  However, today we are so often caught up in our every day commitments, that we forget to … Read More Environmental Influence: Healing

Unwrap Your Core Desires

In September I found myself making a real investment in my personal growth. I’m talking about an investment that sits outside all the books, podcasts, YouTube and whatever other knowledge absorption method I was using, and replacing it with an investment of time, money and commitment to others and myself to be present. I invested in an experience that has aligned me in the … Read More Unwrap Your Core Desires

Looking back at my 20’s: LOVE

Love. We all want it. We all have it. Whether we give it or receive it. It can be such a beautiful thing, but can also be the cause of our heartache. Love can come to us from so many different angles, with so many shades. The love of a mother is different to the love of a friend, or how you love yourself. … Read More Looking back at my 20’s: LOVE

Looking back at my 20’s: PRIORITIES

In my teenage years I had this vision that my 20’s were going to be the absolute pinnacle of my life. My best years; a time where I got my shit together and life fell into place. I’d fall in love, have the career with the great salary, have a group of friends that would never let me down, be at my best physically … Read More Looking back at my 20’s: PRIORITIES

My Story: Self-sabotage Alter Ego

I think this could be the first time where I’ve pulled together some significant moments that have shaped me, and created my self sabotage alter ego, into one place. Wow. That’s kind of a scary thought! Yet somehow so empowering that I am now able to sit here, remember, feel whatever emotion might arise, reflect, smile, write it for others to read and move … Read More My Story: Self-sabotage Alter Ego