Can you believe it?

8 more days of this DECADE!

This is a time to sit down, get grounded, reflect, decide what to take with you to the next decade, release what no longer serves you, celebrate your achievements, be proud of yourself, and really just take the time to close the chapter so you can flow into 2020 in the most delicious way.

What I’ve done is spent the time reflecting on the last 10 years, and written my top 10 moments, memories, achievements, highlights and lessons in chronological order to share them with you. If anything, I hope some of my lessons can serve you for the next 10!

Reflecting on the 2010’s at home

ONE | Pre-2014

Lesson learned: Family is more important than you might think.

I can’t remember exactly when I had this realisation, but as it was in my early 20’s I can make a guess. I’ve mentioned it before, but learning to appreciate my family came quite late for me. Not to say that I didn’t appreciate them before, but I took a while to open up to them about my life and what was going on in it. I have a nice memory from us during Christmas, when we sat and watched the same UK TV shows with their Christmas editions, drinking tea with chocolates and making those “inside jokes” that only your family get. It makes me smile when I think of it and I hope that in the future we can share some more Christmas’s like this.

TWO | September 2014

Lesson learned: Your intuition is always your guiding compass; trust it.

I followed my intuition and moved half way across the world. After finding myself in some unfavourable situations with my career, I decided Fu** it, I’m moving to Europe, sold all my belongings, packed my bags and left. It was common knowledge that I didn’t want to stay in New Zealand and that I had my eyes on Europe, but it was always a question of where in Europe. In the last year or so before I left, I had the strangest feeling that I needed to go to Germany. I didn’t know German, had never visited, didn’t know much about the history (prior to WWII) and nothing about the culture. However, I felt a very strong calling to go there, and doing so has changed my life in the most positive ways.

THREE | February 2016

Lesson learned: Rejection really is re-direction.

I was made redundant from a job I had in Amsterdam, and originally it really took its toll on me. I was scared that I might have to move back to New Zealand. Luckily, rejection really is re-direction, and I was able to take on a new, much better position in Germany. That re-direction has given me an abundance of opportunities for self-growth, pushing comfort zones and creating experiences. I’ve met some of the most wonderful people, just because of that change, and have been lucky enough to travel throughout Europe for both business and pleasure.

FOUR | August 2016

Lesson learned: We can all be exceptional.

This is really something big. I quit smoking. Read that again. I QUIT SMOKING! Against all odds and the lack of support around me, I actually did it. For a long time, I was “quitting”. I would go a week, or decide only one a day, or only when I drank. Inevitably, those were all poor plans that failed every time. What really did it was reading the book by Alan Carr called The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. I think I took about 3 months to read it, and from memory on the 23rd August at 00:04 I smoked my last cigarette. If you’re looking to quit, read this book and be the exception!

FIVE | July 2017

Lesson learned: Take care of your health. It’s important. Full stop.

I really started to take my health seriously about 18 months before this date. I didn’t have a particular goal in mind, I just wanted to feel good in my own body. At this stage I was still living in a performance mode and wasn’t practicing enough self-love (or any at all), but I am proud of my commitment to myself nevertheless. I started running and practicing CrossFit, turned vegan and started meal prepping every day. I ended up losing around 20kg by July 2017! Now, I make much more conscious choices, have a drive to exercise, and continue to meal prep so that I know exactly what’s going into my body. I do have days where I eat out, eat cake, drink wine, and all the rest of it. But that’s part of living in balance.

SIX | August 2017

Lesson learned: Chemistry is real and you can’t explain it.

I fell in love! I was genuinely reaching a point where I was certain that I would be alone for the rest of my days, and I was coming to terms with that fact. I’d frequently been told that I had “a wall” and was quite hard to connect with. That “wall” was my shield. It was hiding my anxiety and depression from almost everyone I met (romantically or not). Yet, when I met Hazem, there was something different in the air. There was a chemistry and a sense of security that I hadn’t experienced before. There were no games or pretending. We were simply ourselves. It was authentic right from the beginning. That’s true love for me.

SEVEN | May 2018

Lesson learned: Quality time is the foundation for strong relationships.

We took our first big trip together to Italy to visit Tuscany and Rome. Still a fairly new relationship, I was curious about how the trip would play out and how we would manage being non-stop together for 10 full days. We were still in a long-distance relationship then, so the only time we had together was during the weekend. In the end, we had the most incredible time. We laughed, ate, explored, talked, relaxed and purely enjoyed being together. We were completely present for each other and it took our relationship to a new level of strength. Here is where I really learned that our connection is for life, and that for us to live as our best selves we both need to have that quality time together.

EIGHT | July 2018

Lesson learned: Keep an open heart & mind, you never know what can happen.

I have one of the fondest memories attending a festival called The Monastery, which is the festival of a Dutch event group called The Gardens of Babylon. This was its first year and due to some of the leading principles of the event, it felt like we were in a world of our own. The group are all about family, community and sustainability. The music is out of this world with some of the most talented DJs to have passed my ears, and the overall vibe of spirituality and positivity is infectious.  I remember dancing all day and night, smiling at strangers, feeling carefree and blissful, meeting beautiful souls and all round feeling connected to everything.

NINE | January 2019

Lesson learned: Even when you feel alone, you are surrounded by people who care.

My 30th birthday turned out to be quite a heart-warming, soul-filling event. I was living in Amsterdam and had big worries over who might show up (I have friends living in all corners of the world). I was still working on finding my confidence and stepping into my power, so hosting an event really triggered my anxiety. However, when the day finally arrived, I couldn’t have asked for a better evening. I was surprised by a birthday video that my boyfriend had organised, sharing messages from friends and family, and was presented with a trip to go and (hopefully) see the Aurora Borealis. We had a proper feast on the table, drinks, adult goodie bags, karaoke, a mimosa brunch the next day and overall a really memorable time. 

TEN | June 2019

Lesson learned: Be patient with yourself and let it happen organically.

I finally stepped into my power. I put back the pieces of myself in a new and stronger way, and followed my passion. By doing this, I was able to step into my power of serving others (all of you!) through blogging and Instagram. But I know that this is only the beginning…I still have so much more to give and so much great work to serve you all with. For more on that we’ll need to wait for 2020!

What a list!

Are you going to make the time to reflect yourself? Let me know in the comments below! Or if you’ve already done the work, share some of your highlights and celebrate YOU!

Jenni Anne x

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